1 day

Algorand Fear and Greed Index Historical

Algorand Detailed Sentiment Analysis for 1 day

Price Score

34% - Negative
Current Status
downtrend market
Price Score Historical


60.5% - Positive
Current Status
low volatility in bullish time
Volatility Historical


63.5% - Positive
Current Status
low buying volume
Volume Historical


51% - Neutral
Current Status
low impulse
Impulse Historical


36.5% - Negative
Current Status
most sell technical signals
Technical Historical


7.5% - Very Negative
Current Status
very negative general sentiment
Social Historical


58% - Neutral
Current Status
moderate dominance
Dominance Historical


16% - Very Negative


87.5% - Very Positive
Current Status
very high whale movements for buying
Whales Historical

Order Book

41.5% - Neutral
Current Status
neutral pressure
Order Book Historical

The CFGI Indicator Explained

The Price Score indicator is a relevant indicator to analize and assign the price evolution a certain numerical value.

This module studies the price trend in order to know determine in a range from -1 to 1 if the market has a bearish or bullish trend.

The main trend defines one part of the general sentiment of the market, and is a factor of weight when analyzing a chart. A pronounced and long-lasting positive trend generates a greater feeling of greed. In the same way, when the trend is negative, a greater feeling of fear is generated, regardless of other factors.

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