Our Story

Founded in 2021, CFGI emerged from a passion for the dynamic and ever-shifting world of cryptocurrencies. We identified that at its core, the cryptocurrency market is largely driven by market sentiment. In such a volatile landscape, the need for a tool to precisely gauge this sentiment became paramount, and thus, CFGI was born.


At CFGI, our mission is straightforward yet impactful: to provide a tool that accurately quantifies the cryptocurrency market sentiment. We aim for anyone, no matter their expertise level, to gain a deep understanding of any token's state without the necessity of diving into multiple market indicators and signals.

Our Team

Comprised of five individuals with robust backgrounds in mathematics, artificial intelligence, and statistics, our team is the heartbeat of CFGI.

  • Carlos Cerezo: A developer of machine learning tools since 2016, Carlos boasts a Ph.D. in computer science with a specialization in artificial intelligence. His intrigue for blockchain methodologies and projects grounded in it has been unwavering since 2012.
  • Adrián García: A mathematician with studies in computer engineering dating back to 2008, Adrián is also the voice behind the YouTube channel, Math 4 All (a Spanish maths channel). He possesses a keen interest in the evolution of the crypto market and its overarching implementations.
  • Luís Palacios: A sharp market analyst and investor since 2006, Luís started managing a tech-focused investment fund in 2012, with a significant emphasis on Bitcoin. He initiated with assets worth $150K, which today stand at a staggering value of over $17M.
What Sets Us Apart?

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, speed and accuracy are paramount. Our system updates every 5 minutes and is based on a suite of sophisticated indicators. As highlighted on our site:

The CFGI indicator uses advanced algorithms to analyze various parameters of specific cryptocurrencies, including volume, volatility, and dominance. In addition, it can delve into more complex parameters such as 'whale' movements, search engine behaviors, and order book analysis for each token. Furthermore, it features a machine learning-based algorithm to evaluate factors like sentiment across social networks and the influence of technical analysis on the market. The CFGI indicator examines over 40 different cryptocurrencies.