Crypto Fear and Greed Index

The market sentiment Indicator.

When it's Fearful might be a good moment to consider to buy, when it's Greedy might be a good moment to consider to sell.


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What is CFGI?

The Crypto Fear and Greed Index (CFGI) is a comprehensive tool for analyzing cryptocurrency sentiment. It takes into account critical market indicators to determine the level of fear or greed present, with a range of 0% to 100%. The five possible classes within this range are Extreme Greed, Greed, Neutral, Fear, and Extreme Fear.

The CFGI uses various modules to analyze influential variables in the cryptocurrency market, including volume, volatility, dominance, whale movements, search engine data, and order book analysis. It also features a machine learning algorithm that evaluates sentiment in social media posts and how popular technical analysis are affecting the market. Each module is given a specific weight based on its statistical impact on the market.

With the CFGI, investors can accurately understand the emotional psychology of each cryptocurrency and use a single indicator to make investment decisions based on a comprehensive analysis of all relevant factors.

How to understand CFGI?

The indicator operates on a simple principle: values above 50 indicate a positive market sentiment ranging from Neutral to Extreme Greed. On the other hand, values below 50 imply a negative market sentiment ranging from Neutral to Extreme Fear. The stronger the sentiment, the greater its potential impact on the current price.

Investing in the crypto market using CFGI involves some effective strategies to consider. For a long-term investment approach, it's advisable to look for extreme feelings to buy and sell. Extreme Fear signals a good opportunity to enter the market, while Extreme Greed times present an excellent opportunity to exit.

For day trading or scalping, following a shorter timeframe and focusing on a strong recent feeling of greed is possible. However, it's essential to follow the previous strategy while ensuring proper risk control.

The beta version of CFGI includes the top 40 strongest cryptocurrencies on the market, reducing the risk of investing in tokens that are too speculative or prone to fraud. If we receive positive feedback, more tokens will be added to the product.

Why an Indicator of Fear and Greed?

For those investing in cryptocurrency, our aim is to find buying and selling opportunities that maximize profits while minimizing risks. One way to do this is to focus on markets with low long-term risks. The cryptocurrency market has demonstrated a positive trend over time and is expected to continue for years to come, making it an enticing choice.

The CFGI takes into account human psychology and can help identify patterns of irrational behavior that repeat throughout market cycles. Since market movements are heavily influenced by these emotional impulses, measuring and quantifying them can provide insight into the market's psychology and lead to profitable investment decisions.