Crypto Fear and Greed Index

The market sentiment Indicator.

When it's Fearful might be a good moment to consider to buy, when it's Greedy might be a good moment to consider to sell.


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What is CFGI?

CFGI is the acronym of Crypto Fear and Greed Index. A multifactorial indicator for cryptocurrency sentiment analysis, which considers the most critical parameters that determine the psychology of the market to give a result that defines the level of fear or greed in the market.

The range of the index is from 0% to 100%, where the possible classes for that range are Extreme Greed, Greed, Neutral, Fear, and Extreme Fear. To do this, it analyzes in different modules that examine the most influential variables of the cryptocurrency market through market sentiment analysis that gives it a specific weight and has been calculated statistically to maximize efficiency.

The CFGI indicator has different algorithms able to simultaneously analyze a particular cryptocurrency's volume, volatility, or dominance. Still, it can also analyze more complex parameters such as the movement of whales or search engines, and even an analysis of the order books for each particular token. In addition, it also has an algorithm based on machine learning to determine others such as the sentiment in social networks through publications, or how much the most popular technical analysis affects the market. Finally, to assign specific weight to each module, the influence of each factor on the price has been studied at a statistical level.

Now you can accurately understand the emotional psychology of each cryptocurrency and use a single indicator to invest that brings together all the factors to invest in the market.

How to understand CFGI?

The idea of the indicator is simple; values ​​above 50 signify positive market sentiment (ranging from Neutral to Extreme Greed). Instead, values ​​below 50 represent a negative market sentiment (ranging from Neutral to Extreme Fear). The stronger the sentiment, the more likely its impact on current price.

If you wanna use CFGI to invest on cryptomarket there are some effective strategies. In a long-term investment strategy the idea is find extreme feelings to buy and sell. When index shows Extreme Fear can be a good oportunity to entry into the market and in the opposite way in Extreme Greed times can be a great oportunity to exit.

But if the idea is to day trading or scalping, we can join a strong feeling of recent greed in a shorter timeframe, but we can also follow the previous strategy if we assume correct risk control.

The CFGI's beta version includes the top 20 strongest cryptocurrencies on the market (that minimizes the risk of investing in tokens that are too speculative or in danger of fraud). But if we receive good feedback, we will extend it to more tokens.

Why an Indicator of Fear and Greed?

The objective of any indicator for a crypto investor is to find points of purchase and sale that allow us to obtain profits. That is why we must look for those markets that minimize risk. The cryptocurrency market has been bullish over time and will continue to be so for many years while it capitalizes. Hence, it meets the essential characteristic of all, low long-term risk.

The CFGI is based on human psychology since it shows irrational behaviors that mark identifiable patterns repeated throughout the cycles. The market moves mostly by these impulses of sentiment, so if we can measure and quantify them, we can understand and take advantage of the market's psychology.